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The organ was built in 1882 by William Hill, one of the best English organ builders of his time, for St Mary Boltons church in Brompton. Hill then rebuilt the organ in 1908. In 1960 Compton moved the organ to St Nicholas Church, Great Yarmouth, and added a few stops to it. The case that the organ now sits behind was donated by the Freemasons of the town and was designed by Dykes-Bower.

Although the organ still sounds wonderful it is in dire need of restoration. Pipe organs use many perishable materials such as very thin leathers in their moving parts, all of which need replacing. The bellows are nearly all leaking and need to be either repaired or replaced with modern electric blowers.

The console needs to be completely rewired. The combination pistons are still programmed using copper strips and a 'make-or-break' toggle switch while the cabling is still all cloth covered. The stops do not always respond to being pulled in or out meaning that the player is not always sure what sound he will hear when he plays! The console itself is very fickle and can decide not to co-operate without warning or reason!

Please support our effort to keep this instrument in good working order by attending recitals and concerts organised in aid of the Organ Fund. 

All donations will be well received. Please contact John Stephens, the Organist & Choirmaster, for more details. 

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