Prayer is the focus of our Gospel this week. So many people struggle with prayer, they don’t know what words to say, it all comes out wrong, I drift off to sleep whilst I am praying so I don’t bother. Some people are so angry or hurt they cannot find any words to pray.

Today Jesus is having the same problem, his words appear to be repetitive and unclear. This is a reminder to all of us that the content of our prayer doesn’t matter, God knows what’s in our hearts just as he did Jesus’s heart. God wants all of us to speak with him daily and we do this in the form of prayer. Sometimes words are not needed, tears can be a form of prayer an out pouring of grief. Repeating the same word over and over again, Abba, Father, or the Lord’s Prayer Where we just pray forgive us our trespasses. Music, art, craft and poetry can all be expression of prayer as can silence.

However you choose to pray this day, remember that there is not a wrong way to speak to God.

– Mother Ashley