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We are the Parish of Great Yarmouth: the Church of England for the whole of Great Yarmouth. There are wonderful services every week as we celebrate God’s love for all and many activities across our three churches: The Minster, St Paul’s and St Mary’s. Come and find out more and get in touch if you need to be. We are here for each and every person in our town, whether or not you think of yourself as a churchgoer. CLICK ON THE NOTICE LINK ON THE SIDE OF THE PAGE

Sunday Worship

Inclusive Church Coffee & Cake

Sat, 5 Nov, 2022, 10am - Sat, 5 Nov, 12noon @ The Minster

Parish of Great Yarmouth Inclusive Church Group will be holding a Coffee & Cake morning every 1st Saturday of the month.

What is Inclusive Church?

‘Inclusive Church celebrates and affirms every person and does not discriminate’. The PCC of the Parish of Great Yarmouth (St Mary’s, St Paul’s and the Minster) voted to become a member of the Inclusive Church Network on 15th July 2021. You may have noticed the large Inclusive Church banners in each of our three churches.

What is the Inclusive Church Group?

The Inclusive Church Group is a small group of people from the Parish of Great Yarmouth, who have come together to think about how we could focus on the different areas of inclusion. 

What are our aims?

  • To raise awareness of Inclusive Church within our congregations and the wider community;
  • To find out where we can do better, what changes are needed, what things are easily changed, and what things need a longer term strategy;
  • To promote action to enable these changes to happen.

What are we going to do?

Although we have voted to become a member of Inclusive Church, there is still much to do. It is not something we could tackle all at once. The areas highlighted by Inclusive Church are:

Mental Health - Ethnicity - Disability - Sexuality - Poverty - Gender

(although it is probably fair to say that inclusion is much wider than this).

Mother Helen has copies of the IC guides in these six areas if anybody wants to have a look. 

We have decided to focus on each of these areas in turn, for two months at a time each year, as follows:


May/June – Sexuality                                                                                          

July/August – Gender                                                                                            

September/October – Mental Health               

March/April – Ethnicity                                                       

Contact Helen for more details -

1 month to go

Coming Up...

Inclusive Church Coffee & Cake (2 months to go)

The Minster

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