Worshipping is part of our Christian faith and our daily lives, helping us to recognize who God really is, opening our hearts to what is good and drawing us into the life of heaven.

Collectively on Sundays and other special feast days, we gather in our Parish churches for a service of worship and praise together. It is the centre of parish life and an opportunity to be together in community before God.

We gather around the table of the Lord in The Eucharist, or Holy Communion. This is the focus of our worship, an opportunity for spiritual refreshment in a setting that recreates Christ’s last supper with his disciples. We offer God songs and words of praise in psalms and hymns, whilst strengthening our faith and attending to God’s words in Scripture. We offer prayers for our own needs and those of the Church, our community and country, and the world. When we do this we join those prayers – thin and weak as they often are – with the great hymn of praise of the Church in both earth and heaven, in time and in eternity.

We hope you will join us for worship in one of our three churches. You will be most welcome!

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