A warm welcome to Great Yarmouth!
900 years and counting…

We have been looking after the townsfolk and visitors to this remarkable seaside town for over nine centuries, with millions visiting our three churches in that time.
Since the first stone being laid in 1101, we have been and continue to be here for everyone, not just our congregations, nor only Christians nor solely local people, we welcome all to our churches.

Thousands of visitors come to The Minster every year, England’s largest parish church, it exudes 900 years of history, music, architecture, arts, community and worship under one roof.  It opens daily with free admission and is truly a fascinating place to visit.
St. Paul’s Newtown and St. Mary’s Southtown, at the heart of their own close communities in the opposite ends of town, are similarly thrilled to welcome new faces to their regular worship services.

We are delighted when someone new discovers us and our churches, whether a sightseer, inquisitive enquirer, local resident seeking us pastorally, perhaps for baptism, marriage or funeral, or a fellow committed Christian. As a congregation we are called to offer a welcome to all, and who doesn’t love a good chat with a stranger (or rather a friend yet to be made!).

Do enjoy exploring our Parish online to find out more about whatever you are seeking. From the top menu above, you can access other areas of the website such as Parish & Churches, Visit The Minster, Worship, Give, News & Events, Community and Connect. Alternatively pick up related Welcome pages to your left; Greetings from the Parish to read a greeting from the Rector, Fr. Simon; Baptisms, Weddings and Funerals if you would like to make an enquiry about one of these; Covid Update with the latest on our pandemic response; Safeguarding in regard to a welfare concern; Who’s Who for details on our clergy and parish team.

If you have a query or would like to get in touch, we would love to hear from you. Just click Contact Us to send us a message or find out about other ways to reach us.

On behalf of all the clergy, staff team, volunteers and congregations, we hope to see you soon!

Best wishes and blessings, Fr. Simon

Revd Canon Simon Ward
Rector of Great Yarmouth