Baptism (also known as Christening) is a very special time for a family, the church and of course, the child being baptised at the start of their faith journey. Anyone can get in touch with us to talk about having a baptism service in one of our three churches. It is a warm and welcoming celebration, with blessed water being gently sprinkled over the child’s head, whilst we pray and ask God for his blessing to welcome them into the church for their wonderful, spiritual life-journey. Of course it is also a day of celebration for family and friends and a good excuse for a party afterwards!

Adults can be baptised as well if they come to faith later in life.

We hold a weekly Vestry Hour at Great Yarmouth Minster on Saturday mornings between 10 – 11am for those interested in discussing a baptism or wedding. Just turn up between those times to speak to the clergy member on duty. Alternatively you may contact us here to find out more about baptism and to start a conversation with one of our clergy team.

Read more on the Church of England’s website about christening a child here and adult baptism here.

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