As the Easter season approaches, our parish church embarks on a journey of restoration – not just of stone and wood, but of music and spirit. Our beloved historic organ, a cornerstone of our worship for generations, lies silent, awaiting revival.

Revd Liz, our dedicated curate, has taken upon herself a noble quest to breathe life back into our magnificent instrument. She will trek the picturesque Suffolk Coastal Path, each step a testament to her commitment to our community and its traditions. But she doesn’t walk alone; she walks with purpose, to raise funds for the full restoration of our organ.

The organ’s absence has left a void in the heart of our Minster, where its glorious sounds once uplifted congregations and echoed through the halls of worship. Now, as spring blooms and Easter dawns, we envision a future where the music swells once more, filling our sacred space with heavenly harmony.

You too can be a part of this journey of renewal. Your support, whether through a donation to Revd Liz’s Just Giving Page or by filling out a sponsor form in the Minster, will help bring us closer to our goal. Every contribution, no matter the size, resonates with significance and brings us closer to the day when our organ’s melody will once again ring out, enriching our worship and uniting our community.

Let us join hands and hearts in this endeavour. Together, we can ensure that the legacy of our historic organ endures for generations to come. Donations can be left at the Minster office, or simply follow the link below to Revd Liz’s Just Giving Page:

Support Revd Liz’s Journey

As we walk alongside Revd Liz on her pilgrimage, let us be reminded of the power of restoration – not only of instruments but of hope, faith, and the enduring spirit of our parish.