Our journey through Lent brings us, this Sunday, to Palm Sunday. It’s the moment when Jesus enters Jerusalem to cheers from the crowd and shouts of ‘Hosanna’ in a huge wave of optimism, joy and hope. But in a few short days their cries turn to ‘Crucify him!’ Christ’s passion has begun and for the next week we are immersed in the story.

A way to approach it is to put ourselves in the story; ask ourselves, where am I in the unfolding drama that plays out over Holy Week and which climaxes on Easter Sunday morning? Where am I as Jesus passes by on the donkey? Am I one of the crowd shouting out his name? Am I like Judas in any way? When have I betrayed others or Jesus? When like Peter, have I denied knowing Jesus? Am I like Pilate when I judge and condemn others? How am I like Simon or Veronica who help Jesus in his time of need? Having stood with the crowd shouting out his name and welcoming Jesus, will I stand with the same people shouting out insults as I shout ‘Crucify him! Crucify him!’

Putting ourselves in the story helps us to reflect on the way we live out our lives as Christians and to focus on Christ as the true model of the way to live in the world.

Revd Liz