Have you ever been at a loss for words? Has an experience ever left struggling to adequately describe what you have witnessed? Or have your emotions or feelings run so deep words cannot describe what is happening for you? We use words all the time and some of us use too many words (!) but there are times our powers of description run dry. As much as words communicate events, so much more is left within the heart. This is a mystery of life in that we experience such powerful emotions and feelings and yet struggle to express these to others.

To this mystery add the revelation of God as three persons: “Father, Son and Holy Spirit”. This is a four-word statement which contains so much that needs to be said and just so few words to do justice to God’s revelation. We should not see this as a problem though because the whole of our faith is a journey into God which is always to be laden with mystery and searching, whether that is searching for God or even searching for the right words to talk about God.

Father Simon